Inner Universe – Chiharu Shiota 塩田千春

Chiharu Shiota – Cell
2020; MIXED MEDIA; 36 X 36 X 36 CM – Courtesy of Galerie Templon

Chiharu Shiota – Cell
2020; MIXED MEDIA; 20 X 30 X 23 CM – Courtesy of Galerie Templon

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota has spent years questioning fundamental human concerns such as life, death and relationships. With Inner Universe, she invites us on a poetic journey examining the secret ties between the finiteness of existence and eternity, give us a glimpse of the complex relationships between beings and the potentially eternal interdependence of consciousnesses.

“the thread separates us from this physical presence within the object, but at the same time, this structure allows me to create a new space. Piling up layer after layer of cut, tangled and knotted thread creates the entirety of the universe bound to this frame.”


+ Shiota’s otherworld creation is mimesis, a mimic of the mind, a second world of perception and emotion realm.

+ Shiota has a distinctive signature by using red, white and black threads, what colour scheme and materials that i could consistently employ in relate to the idea?

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