Soft / Pastel / Power

Louise Zhang ‘Soft Horror’ 2017. Installation view, 2017 NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship, Artspace, Sydney. Photo Credit: Zan Wimberley.

The love for pastel / dreamy colour is always in my beginning and primitive love for colour, the child-like, nostalgia scheme of cartoon colours, and the psychedelic illusional fantastic world.

The world that is almost made up with candies and rainbow, peaceful; fun; and forever harmless. By the time we grow up, we experience, heard stories, read news and quickly realised that this world has ugly places that is dark, evil and cynical.

“Louise is interested in the dynamics between the attractive and repulsive. By exploring how themes of perceived innocence such as prettiness and cuteness can be contrasted with notions of the perverse and monstrous, Zhang explores the intersection of fear, anxiety and a sense of otherness in the construction of identity. “

The name reminds me lots on this song i used to like, by artist ‘Soft Powers’ and imagining pink bubbles and radio time of just chill and enjoying sunrise and crystal sky. A summer with beach and soda. — I crave for colours, and expressive moods that changes with the lights and hues.

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