Jo Davenport

As I want to shrift my style from representation to expressionism, gestural, and abstraction. By looking at some of these landscape paintings, I explore the instinctive depiction of the space and our surrounding, borrowing artist’s eyes to see the beauty of the Australian landscape.

Brush strokes are evident, crossing mesh of impasto and thick paint layers by layers, scraping over the surface, with her use of dreamy vivid colours that really resonate me.

“Davenport has engaged with abstraction as a mode of rupture – a severance from oneself that mimics the awe and dissolution felt within natural landscapes. Shifts and fractures of light and composition foster a charged emotional space between painting and viewer. A haptic energy surges within the works, as if each quivering stroke of paint hasn’t quite settled on the surface, threatening to dislodge at any moment. “

 ‘Nature is full of life and joy and I am always looking for creative ways to respond to it in paint”

—— Jo Davenport


+ how do we respond to abstract art, is it supposed to be hard or easy… is it about something or does it exist entirely on its own?

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