Totally Unaware

Fragmented, shattered, splintered tumultuous perception of the flesh and figures that show artist’s rebel against the masculinity and the negligence of our presence. To be one of the notable female artists in the abstract expressionism realm, Brown said: ” I’ve always wondered, like, what is so masculine about abstraction? How did men get the ownership over this? …”

In the video that I watch from Louisiana Channel < Cecily Brown Interview: Totally Unaware > she notes a same feeling that I get during everyday basis of the commute to work “The experience of living in a very busy city inevitably feeds into the way I see things and understand them.” The feeling of strangeness, while everyone around me are on their phones, scrolling down their unimportant feeds, the atmosphere is cold in such a lack of human connection in a bore confined space. Brown said: ” The painting reflects our society now and how disjointed it is… I’m very very conscious of our time being one of the incredibly sad things about our time being isolated people are and i get so depressed in New York by everyone wearing headphones…they are less aware of you.. ” The painting she describes: “They are in a same physical space, but they are not connected.”

“The phone is obviously the death of society and culture.”


I want to engage these frustration and evoke a sense of urgency to in such expressive way, and deciding if I want to depict the clear identities or out of focal point, unrecognisable faces that can be generalised as the group of people.

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