stare iii by jenny saville
STARE III,  2006
oil on linen
270.6 x 220.6 x 6 cm. (106.5 x 86.9 x 2.4 in.)

Jenny Saville, UK, member of Young British Artists (YBAs). She focused her interest in “imperfections” of flesh, with all of its societal implications and taboos, reconstruction of human flesh was formative in her perception of the body—its resilience, as well as its fragility. 

The angle she chose, life force, the look of a vulnerable, out of control state.

She is very ambitious on working on large canvas, and exploring the female artists boundary… and that sense of scale shows immediate affect the relationship with the reader and the human in the paintings, she acknowledges that large painting are taken seriously. She is currently scaffolding how to put ideas into multiple realities, “we dont live in one reality now.” She said. This is also the idea i want to reflect in my work, overlapping movements that show multi-angles and a sense of time, and presence…

I’m trying to see if it’s possible to hold onto that moment of perception, or have several moments coexist… Like looking at a memory.

Jenny Saville

+ Saville overlaps with me in ways of expressing vulnerabilities, multi-realities, and the perception in the age of digital communication

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