Retracing Black

Aldo Tambellini Black Electromedia Performance at Black Gate, 1967
Aldo Tambellini, performance of Black Zero, 1965, at Black Gate Theater. Photo by Ehrlich.

Aldo Tambellini, his experimental work in television and cinema. Fascinated by the blurring of boundaries between creative disciplines, he began to fuse film projections with music, dance, poetry, painting and spoken word, producing kinetic, sculptural installations. An artist and a poet, Tambellini began working with overpainted, scratched or perforated 35mm film slides, calling the results ‘lumagrams’ and projecting them onto the sides of buildings, as in Black Light (1966-67). His early, large-format black paintings were done in a fast, ‘low’ style, employing gloss paint, enamel and sand. The works’ imperfect state of preservation is a result of Tambellini’s radical spontaneity and his practice of deliberately exhibiting his work outside institutional and commercial contexts.

i am intereted in Tambellini, because his broad media and immersive experience with all the combined media + art forms that he curated together. He focuses on the merging of the private dimension of everyday life and the public dimension of television. Thus, i’m very intrigued with the notion of black, the unknown, origin and entropy, the zero ground, Avant-Garde Jazz, and the Cosmic Void. All of these elements are done in a very experimental mash up in monochromatic shades and sharp industrial sound.

+ other than exploring colour and emotion with expressive style, black is also a very versatile shade to create a purer essence of feeling with its tone, form, shade and texture…

+ i am engaged with the fast ‘low’ style of his way of working, the imperfect and spontaneous practice that i can immerse into my way of thinking and let the universe force take control

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