Artist living in Harlem

1. Exit Breathe.JPG

Khari Turner (b. 1991) is an American artist. His works are expressive of how he uses spontaneous brushstrokes very intensively, and clear depcition of the African Amerian’s features of nose and mouth, yet in chaotic and immersive texture with the various interesting effects, they are embodies of the popular culture within their community, they show a strong attitude and pride.

Even that he works with very surrealistic colourful palette with canvas, but I excessively love the monochromatic black and white in a combination with the colour and the flesh. These are ink on paper, and splash and smear use of black and white paint, so many interesting actions with the drips; scribble; bleed and smear…

The noses and lips of black skin represent my history and connection to my heritage, but they also represent the fact that people with wider noses, thicker lips, and darker skin statistically getting longer prison sentences in the US and this positive and negative is what drive the point of the work.

Khari Turner
“To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time” this piece is named after a James Baldwin quote. I could tell you I planned on making this piece before all of the protest, but as I was making it, that’s all I could think about. I do not feel like being this mad but I can’t help that. I don’t want to make work directly about the protest but I know it’s going to happen. This month I have dedicated to making something everyday for the month of June. As an artist and as my own person I fought to get where I am now, I can’t let those before me down and I need to push. If you know anything about me or my work, you know that this is where my heart will always take me. I have donated to so many things lately. I hope everyone has the opportunity and can donate to many causes. If you have a reliable and safe org to donate to leave it in the comments. I can’t go outside so I’ll make work and keep donating to those who are protesting. #bricklanegalleryopencall @bricklanegallery

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