Dan Hays paints Dan Hays’s

Colorado Impression 10 a + b (after Dan Hays, Colorado)
2002, oil on canvas, 152 x 203cm
Colorado Impression 11a + c (after Dan Hays, Colorado)
2002, oil on canvas, 152 x 203cm

Dan Hay, British 1966. This large landscape painting is from a series based on images the artist found on the personal website of a man also called Dan Hays who lives in Blackhawk, Colorado, USA. In addition to using appropriated images rather than creating his own landscape compositions, the digitisation and subsequent manipulations of the electronically stored images are important elements in Hays’ working process. The pixelation heightens the differences between individual colours. Hays replicates this effect in his painting, squaring off the canvas and systematically applying small areas of colour which are matched to a digital section of the image stored in his computer.

The Colorado Impressions series is a response to the growing proliferation of information, particularly visual information, on the internet. 

+ Using traditional method to paint the digitally sourced materials, and to be so realistic to depict a bad ‘ image’, with this sense of lo-fi quality in large scale, im guessing the result to see in the flesh would be phenomenal than the irony of seeing these on my digital screen…




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