Eager /adj/
having or showing keen interest or intense desire or impatient expectancy

Allison Schulnik uses painting, ceramics, and hand-made, traditional animation to choreograph her subjects in compositions that embody a spirit of the macabre(theme of death), her works were compared to “the comic-grotesque visionary James Ensor” by The New York Times.

+ i love allison schulnik’s painting/ sculpture from a long time, and of course her stop motion movies, and i rewatch this film and was so immersive and enjoyed every frame of a beautiful painterly impasto composition+painting with nuance. she creates her signature world that i desire to live in…

“My fixation on these characters is not intended to exploit deficiencies, but to find valor in adversity.” 


this is a project inspired by her… i also made a mermaid short stopmotion video but that was pretty DIY… this one too, i yet don’t know what message were i thinking to tell or express but i enjoyed dissecting and amputating a barbie toy and making a character of it

emma x zhang

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