Nature, Dynamic, Fragmented

Naturell GR Video installation Solyanka Museum of Modern Art in Moscow © Konrad Wyrebek.jpg
Naturell GR, video installation Solyanka Museum of Modern Art in Moscow 2013 © Konrad Wyrebek
SIX Cr2 , painting - oil and acrylic paint, ink, spray paint on canvas, 200x150x4cm © Konrad Wyrebek.png
Six paintings installation – oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint and varnish on canvas, 9x2m ( each 200x150x4cm) © Konrad Wyrebek
CaMMo + TTRRistan
 oil, acrylic, spray paint, ink and varnish on canvas, 200x150x4cm
LifeTv 3GWater + TxtCoverd 3Graces LifeTv
painted cast aluminium, 62x45x25cm

Konrad Wyrebek, UK. The artist paints mostly in oil and acrylic. He usually always starts with the images he finds online. The resulting work of art interrogates the medium on different levels. From a formalist perspective, Wyrebek references the Neoplasticism of Mondrian and the Cubism of Picasso by exploring the fourth dimension in art seen in a contemporary context as the post-internet realm and the abstract potential of electronic images. However, by introducing the synthetic use of machines in his process and leaving the viewer to question the hand of the artist, Wyrebek challenges the boundaries of painting by raising important questions about the artist’s originality and the role of technology in contemporary art.

Process: Each image is pixelated through a succession of digital compressions with deliberate settings causing corruption of data in transfer between different softwares and devices. 

Transformation interests me – how people or things can change, but particularly how we can make them change from our viewpoint. As I spend time with the found image, new thoughts and possibilities are evoked and I experiment with potential additions, deformations and changes that will become part of a transformed image.

+ similar to artist Dan Hay, Wyrebek depicts the manipulated/ corrupted images into large scale of man-labour painting. Differs the Hay, his paintings don’t particularly depicts the whole, but the mixtures of the digital presentation. He is abstracting the images by machine, compel viewers to search for meaning in the art work, not to merely look, but to really see.

+ the use of vanish in his painting while see in details creates a dynamic texture and lamentation comparing next to the matt paint in geometric distinction. the way he names his artworks are quite like codes / computer file names as well…

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