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David Thomas: Colouring Impermanence - Art Almanac

David Thomas


“Investigation of time and the way we perceive and experience time.”

“Instantaneous time but mechanistic of memories.”

In making abstraction organisation over emotion or emotion over organisation?

“I try to create composites that have both an organised sense of reality but also don’t negate sensibility or sensation, not about self-expression, or expressionism, but it’s more like the way as an individual i deal with material and that can be evocative of a poetic space and time.”

“An illusion, monochrome both as a surface, colour sensation, an atmosphere, as a void, and that cycle of association that I find useful about it.”

Spirit resonance – Chinese painting.

“It’s not about illustrating a state beyond, but a sense of recognising energy. “


“Abstraction is a type of art that turns oneself back into oneself it helps us explore the interior world of feeling and of thinking.”

“…acknowledges the actuality of materiality in the actuality and authenticity of our experiencing the world, not simply about image, we are in a society where everything is an image. What i like about the role of painting both constructed object as well as a felt and thought of art construct so it’s got a multiple range of layers of reading and meaning… complexity to their work

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