Group Material

Thomas Eggerer, a former member of the New York-based collective Group Material

: formed in the 80’s and basically was initiative governed by the idea of collaboration on projects dedicated to social communication and political change. Often they used artifacts such as magazine ads, and other found objects from popular culture with recognized art objects, in order to create an ambitious mix. 

Particular drawn to his colour scheme, muted, nostalgic, reminds me of 90’s film, majority of monochromatic and lot of grey tones, often relaxed and calming. During his 2015, his works are named after the dominant colour of the paintings, Eggerer has also cited Philip Guston—who used pink because it was the “wrong” color—as an influence on his colour palette.

The figuration of the paintings, are mostly people figures in a landscape or architecture setting, facial features are blur and vacant, creating a sense of human existence. The effect of deliberate imprecision makes the narratives archetypal and exactly that kind of subtle agenda transforms the works of Thomas Eggerer into something socially and politically charged.

Thomas Eggerer – Waterworld, 2016
The news about exhibitions of oil paintings in Maureen Paley gallery can be found their web page
Thomas Eggerer – The Privilege of the Roof, 2004, detail 
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Thomas Eggerer – ABM II, 2012
Phantom Limb, 2015
Oil on canvas
167.6 x 162.6 cm
Red Miasma, 2015
Oil on canvas, 51 by 44 inches
Orange Miasma, 2015
Oil on canvas
165.1 x 162.6 cm

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