Installation View Noel W. Anderson
Reflec/x/tion of a Black Cat Bone
(hor)Rorshak, 2021
Bleach, dye, metal leaf, laser-cut basketball leather on distressed, stretched
cotton tapestry, in two parts
20 x 32.3 in (50.8 x 82 cm)
Betty Davis I’s, 2021
Photograph embedded within distressed, stretched cotton tapestry
24 x 18 in (61 x 45.7 cm)
Opus No. 40, 2021
Stretched cotton tapestry
20 x 16 in (50.8 x 40.6 cm)
Slant, 2021
Basketball leather and photographic object on distressed, stretched cotton
11.8 x 10 x 2.5 in (30 x 25.4 x 6.4 cm)

Noel W Anderson (b. Louisville, KY)

utilizes print-media and arts-based-research to explore philosophical inquiry methodologies. He primarily focuses on the mediation of socially constructed images on identity formation as it relates to black masculinity and celebrity.

The use of cotton and its attendant vocabulary once woven is an intricate exchange with American history. The grain of images, the “nap of the weave,” the wavering borders suggest the margin creeps into the frame. Collapse is irresistible. Loose threads and the natural warp of the material represent a glitch that invites viewers to revisit their memories and notions. The Jacquard weave recalls analog while accompanying sound and video further develop the artist’s dialogue with how technological developments have changed our seeing. The digital artifact doesn’t glitch or slip. This trains a contemporary eye to trust the given image. The simultaneous familiarity and distortion of these ground images welcome viewers, while forcing them to physically shift in order to register the tapestries’ meanings. This is an exercise in perspective alteration.


Digital image manipulation and exploration of materiality

distorting pieces of memories of history, social context and identity.

By seeing the description of how each piece included the word ‘distressed’, this word can mean the act and emotion. The materiality of cotton also serves another historical connotation, the act of distressing is a physical expression, through the touch of the artist, that shows the internal stance of rebellion to the system.

Also The Jacquard Weaving technology is the first model of codes, and computer engining. The artist is examining the relationship between digital analog and perception.



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