Are we in a Panopticon?

The Panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century. The Panopticon could also be an analogy for power, economic and technological surveillance—the very few bear a constant, watchful eye on every movement of the many.

Mystic Island

Centre of Altered & LSD Dream & Good Vibration by Reza Hasni Reza Hasni’s works are a contemporary reflection of our world and its unseen energies. Patterns of sacred geometry make up core compositions, along with a mashup of 90’s Internet pop, club culture and Asian spiritualism. His illustration and motion graphics practice feeds […]

Bring Every Nuance to Fidelity

Eva Papamargarit Papamargariti creates an artificial landscape made of Adobe Stock’s organic 3D objects. JB Dunckel – Love Machine Video by Eva Papamargariti Song by Acid Baby Jesus Recorded & mixed by Nikos Lavdas “The digit is both the number and the finger.” “Spineless and Sublime”2021, HD video, color, sound, 4’40”created by Eva Papamargariti


Noel W Anderson (b. Louisville, KY) utilizes print-media and arts-based-research to explore philosophical inquiry methodologies. He primarily focuses on the mediation of socially constructed images on identity formation as it relates to black masculinity and celebrity. The use of cotton and its attendant vocabulary once woven is an intricate exchange with American history. The grain […]

Group Material

Thomas Eggerer, a former member of the New York-based collective Group Material : formed in the 80’s and basically was initiative governed by the idea of collaboration on projects dedicated to social communication and political change. Often they used artifacts such as magazine ads, and other found objects from popular culture with recognized art objects, in order […]

Atmospheric whirls

Julie Mehretu’s works spring from an interest in systems and serve as a direct response to political issues such as war, diaspora and social protest. “She creates an expression that fuses chaos and order in a structured pattern with loose, abstract gestures. She describes her works as ‘a complex drawn language of marks that behave, […]

Moving Times

David Thomas on abstraction

From Point, From Line.

Lee Ufan is recognized for his unconventional artistic processes which underscore the relationship between the viewer, the artwork, and the spaces they inhabit and for philosophical writings that challenge prevailing notions of artmaking with attention on spatial and temporal conditions.” As one of the foremost figures in breaking conventions as a painter, sculptor and philosopher […]

Alexandra Levasseur

“Alexandra Levasseur, in Montreal. Known for her work, that combines colored pencils on paper and experimentation with oil on wood panels. Levasseur continues her exploration of female figures in surreal and vivid landscapes, with the need to examine the relationship of the human beings with nature. ” (Widewall) “This time, Levasseur speaks about her exhibition Puzzle as representing a mind […]

Collecting fragments

Mungo Howard, “My practice revolves around wandering; collecting fragments and using my camera to sample compositions within the everyday environment. I frequently employ mediated processes such as printing and casting, and I welcome the inescapable interference of chance variation within these systems of creation. The resulting works exist ambiguously as faux relics which refer to both the formal language of abstraction and […]

The Moiré Effect

The art of Carlos Cruz-Diez, expanding research from kinetic artist Jesus Rafael Soto.


SYNC emma x zhang, 2020 – 12CM x 12CM x 11CM – Paper Clay, CD, Resin, Watercolour, LED Circuit Board, USB

RGB Mode

Robak uses programs like Photoshop, After Effects and Unity3D to create densely rendered digital worlds that riff on everyday objects.

All that good stuffs

Jesús Rafael Soto (June 5, 1923 – January 17, 2005) was a Venezuelan op and kinetic artist, a sculptor and a painter. “I began to construct a world, telling myself that I must make use of all the elements they had set forth, but whose implications they had not fully explored”.

Quiet Place

Nicholas Law — Artist and designer from Buffalo, New York.

Shadow of a Daydream

Ghenie, born in 1977 in Romania, based in Berlin, grapples with haunting and historical subjects.

Same Same but Different

Wade Guyton, New York–based artist (b. 1972) has pioneered a groundbreaking body of work that explores our changing relationships to images and artworks through the use of common digital technologies.

Moving Charcoal Drawings

“In considering the concept of the static drawing being animated or passing over into “another state”, William Kentridge’s animated drawings from the 1970s are still representing the type of crossover now possible, in fact inevitable, between drawings, etchings, animation and sculpture. Since 1989, he has created series of charcoal drawings towards animated films known as Drawings […]


Selected Works 2020 by Luis Toledo Laprisamata

Way of Seeing

John Berger’s Ways of Seeing is one of the most stimulating and the most influential books on art in any language. First published in 1972, it was based on the BBC television series.

Man With a Movie Camera

I’m an eye. A mechanical eye. I, the machine, show you a world the way only I can see it.

Retracing Black

Aldo Tambellini, his experimental work between creative disciplines…

Daniel Richter

Daniel Richter is a German painter whose strongly coloured, often slightly surreal paintings convey current events and art historical issues with an irreverent and energetic approach.


Jenny Saville’s portraitures with shifting nature of perception in the age of digital communication:

Times Zero

Sarah Sze creates organic and transitional structure and its inverse, instability, in layering of images, welcoming readers for active discovery. Suggests the matters of entropy and temporality, in the process of growth and decay.


Bridget Riley: “stabilities and instabilities, certainties and uncertainties.” …

Abstract Browsing

Rafaël Rozendaal, producing animated abstract patterns and interactive images that explore the screen as pictorial space.

Totally Unaware

Cecily Brown is a contemporary British painter. Characterized by overt sexual imagery and an Abstract Expressionist gestural style,

Georg Baselitz

Baselitz explained this intriguing gesture as a way of testing the limits between figuration and abstraction.

Jo Davenport

“Nature is full of life and joy and I am always looking for creative ways to respond to it in paint.”

Leap into the Void

Yves Klein tricked the world with this iconic photograph.

Soft / Pastel / Power

Louise Zhang transfers her horror movie interest to soft / pastel colour dreaming imageries.

Elizabeth Peyton

Peyton’s works address notions of idolatry and obsession

Marlene Dumas

Race and sexuality, guilt and innocence, violence and tenderness.