About Her

Concept Development / Painting On-Site

2022 mural project for a residential bar & lounge in Fitzroy,

a feature wall as a part of an astounding renovation transformed by Realzar Design, amazing teamwork with Paola, Brad and Kyle.

✨Special Thanks to Agnes Xu for assistance, and Sam for the ramen night.💫

Welcoming ‘canvas’ of the lovely Jennifer & her family.
This portraiture was based on the black-and-white wedding photos of Jennifer’s mother, which was further reinterpreted through a contemporary lens using colours, flowers, and foliage, as well as the flow of Art Nouveau. Featuring magnolia, cherry blossom, protea, eucalyptus gum, rose and forget-me-nots in full bloom. On the other side, I painted hibiscus and coffee branches in a subtle tint of green extending to the alcove.

Photography by Tania


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