Concept Development / Painting On-Site 2023

Mural Development and painting for Brentani Italian Restaurant

situated within Pegasus Apart’Hotel, Melbourne CBD

Mural assistant: Agnes Xu 🎨 and Izzy for a moment of paint & chat

Thank you Stuart & for supporting this project

Unveiling the ambience of Renaissance Revival 

Welcome to Brentani, the newest gem nestled in the heart of Melbourne CBD within Pegasus Apart’Hotel. This spacious, high-ceiling Italian restaurant & bar radiates vibrancy by the captivating three-part mural that captures the fusion of beauty and nature.

Drawing inspiration from classical landscape paintings and the magnificent works of Sandro Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci, my mural breathes new life into their timeless masterpieces, such as “The Birth of Venus” and “Lady with an Ermine.”

Elegance, nature, and enchanting floral arrangements harmonise seamlessly, enriched by a contemporary twist that reimagines the portrait through my artistic process. It goes beyond exisiting paintings and face, transcending the past and embracing new possibilities. Each stroke reconstructs an alternate realm — a narrative woven through intricate layers, emerging from creative exploration.


A study in light, colour, and form.

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