Spice Box

Logo Development / Brand Identity Design

Applications: Signage / Posters / Business Card

Spice Box – Modern Asian Cuisine Rebranding Project, 2021

Objective: To refresh and modernize the brand identity of the popular Asian cuisine takeaway shop, Spice Box, located at the Highpoint shopping centre. The goal is to showcase their unique selling point of offering fresh Asian cuisine that combines classic noodles and rice dishes with a modern twist.

Logotype: A custom-designed logotype that combines the name “Spice Box” with a stylized graphic element that represents the restaurant’s focus on fresh and modern Asian cuisine by combining noodles and spice with the focus of the box.

Color Palette: A vibrant color palette inspired by the colors of Asian cultures, combined with a modern and sophisticated touch.

Graphic Elements: A series of graphic elements that enhance the brand’s visual identity and help to communicate the restaurant’s unique selling points, such as the sensation of spice and modern Asian elements.

Typography: A modern and stylish typography system that combines solid and versatile monospace typeface and contemporary sans-serif typefaces.

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